Transformation Through Unity


Today’s technology opens the door to new ways of engaging the body of Christ and reaching the lost. If you’re not taking advantage of the latest technology in your ministries, you’re missing the opportunity to connect with the huge segment of the population that is online and tech-savvy. Technology tools give you the ability to test and refine your messaging, run targeted campaigns, create an online prayer community, map your outreach initiatives, and even go viral.  Our technology services can increase your reach and efficiency with communication tools, prayer tools, social media apps, mapping technology and more.


 Live Action  unitedinprayer churchesimpactingculture
Harnessing the power of Facebook, UiP created an app that gave LiveAction the ability to view which of their supporters were registered to vote, then allowed the supporters to find friends who were also registered and ask them to pledge to vote Pro-Life in the 2012 national election. UiP’s comprehensive prayer tools give United in Prayer the ability to build entire communities around prayer. Users can create prayers, share them, track them, and let others know they are praying for them. Churches Impacting Cultures uses UiP technology to connect like-minded churches across the nation with each other. By utilizing our mapping technology, organizations can find one another, share ideas, and broaden their impact.